Using Garlic – Chef Daniel

Introduction Hey, everyone. Welcome back to Chef Daniel’s World Famous Backyard. Now what we’re gonna learn today is everything about

Simple Meat Balls


Tonic Media Network announces its collaboration with Chef Daniel

Chef Daniel delivers amazing food creations for everyone from the home cook to the aspiring professional. With a strong family

Italian Mussels & Salmon in Red Sauce


Prawn Penne Pasta

This is a quick and delicious weeknight meal prepared with simple flavours and ingredients. Spend less time in the kitchen

Chicken Fungi – Chef Daniel’s World Famous Backyard

One of the best chicken and mushroom recipes. This wonderful dish accentuates the flavours of all it’s ingredients and will

Tomato and Avocado Bruschetta



Each ingredient in this smoothie has nutrients beneficial during pregnancy. These are nutrients that not only help your baby grow

Veggie Fritters

A quick and easy option for a meatless meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner! Double the amount for a family


The perfect post workout dinner, this vegetarian enchilada is packed with healthy, nutritious for high protein hit after workout. Print

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